Zoinks! Lego Scooby-Doo Sets Announced for Summer ’15

Lego Scooby-Doo
Lego has announced it’s making sets of those meddling kids and their dog. Starting this summer, five Scooby-Doo themed Lego building sets will be available from the Danish toymaker, thanks to a new partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The new Lego Scooby-Doo sets include a 301-piece Mystery Machine set with Fred, Shaggy and Scooby minifigures, among other pieces; a Mummy Museum Mystery set; a Haunted Lighthouse set and a Mystery Mansion set. The sets range in price from $14.99 to $89.99 and will include a host of monster characters and baddies seen in the classic Scooby-Doo cartoons.

While these aren’t the first Scooby-Doo building block sets, COBI has that honor, the Lego brand and a direct-to-video Lego movie featuring the Scooby gang will introduce the franchise to a new generation of fans.

UPDATED: Additional photos courtesy of Lego.

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