ZICA Toys, Fresh Monkey Fiction and Boss Fight Studios Join Forces For The Return of Eagle Force

toy-news-and-talkThe teams behind the return of Captain Action, Amazing Heroes and Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. are joining together to resurrect another vintage toy line, Eagle Force! I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with Eagle Force, but based on what I’m reading that would be because they were short-lived in the early ’80s. Which I was more into Star Wars then.

The now defunct Ideal Corporation produced Eagle Force figures after 1982 when Mego went out of business. Those figures were released under “Strike Force.” But with G.I. Joe also launching in 1982, I can see how I missed those too. It is possible I did have some exposure to this vintage toy line and didn’t know it.

There was eighteen 2 3/4″ Eagle Force figures in total produced by the Mego Corporation. Now ZICA Toys, Fresh Monkey Fiction and Boss Fight Studio are going to be bringing new life to the vintage toy line starting in 2015. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon. (Source: Eagle Force)


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