ZICA Toys Announces The Return Of Adventure People


Over the past year, ZICA Toys has been working on what I’m sure is a labor of love for them. Along with Boss Fight Studio, they have been working on a modern 4-inch version of Captain Action and related characters. Recently they unveiled prototypes of these figures that includes Captain Action, Captain Evil, Action Jackson and Jet Jackson.

Today, they announced that these figures will be returning, but under the “Adventure People” banner. You might recall the name from a line that was introduced by Fisher Price in the mid-70s that featured “real life” heroes. Now ZICA Toys is bringing Adventure People back under Remco. How all the legalities of this has been worked out remains unknown, but if you are a fan of Captain Action or cool looking 4-inch figures, then you’ll want to check these out.

A Kickstarter will be launching soon for the Adventure People line, so stay tuned for more details. In the mean time enjoy the new images of Captain Action and the rest of the first series of figures.

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