ZICA Toys Announces New ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ Vintage Style 3.75″ Figures

toy-news-and-talkWhether or not you having been waiting the last 40 years or not, ZICA Toys is bringing you ’70s style 3.75 inch figures based on the Six Million Dollar Man television series. Don’t be expecting modern-day articulation here, these bad boys are going vintage with five points of articulation (POA). Wait, that does sound like modern-day articulation! Zing! The first assortment will include Colonel Steve Austin (red tracksuit) and Bionic Bigfoot (now you don’t have to spend crazy money to own one). If proven successful, ZICA Toys has some big plans for this line and is hopeful that vehicles and playsets will eventually be added. For those that like a little variety, variants and exclusives are also planned, but rest assured that everyone will have a fair chance to get their hands on them. Pre-orders should be available soon, so keep an eye out on your favorite online retailers for more info. (Source: AFI)


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