Yet Another Possible Unproduced Jurassic Park Figure Found on eBay

toy-news-and-talkEarlier in the month I posted about another unproduced Jurassic Park figure showing up in an eBay auction. This was the fourth or fifth figure to show up from this cancelled line of figures. Well now today, another one has shown up thanks to eBay sellers chinafigures and viperskingdom. Both have the same figure up for auction right now. The figure is composed of the head from the recent 2010 G.I. Joe Exclusive Dreadnoks 7-pack Burnout figure and the body and vest are from the 2009 Resolute Cobra Trooper. The machine gun is from the 25th Anniversary 2008 Ssgt. Rock ‘n Roll. A similar figure was one of the first figures revealed from this line that featured a Firefly head on the Resolute Trooper body, which was found in two different colors, a green version and a blue version. It is possible this is just a leftover parts figure, but at the same time, it fits what we have previously seen with this amalgam line of figures.

unproduced-jurassic-park-figure-01 Unproduced Jurassic Park Figure unproduced-jurassic-park-figure-03

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