Xensation Mr. ? Pre-Orders Open

Xensation Riddler Mr. ?

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Xensation is now taking pre-orders for their sixth-scale Mr.? figure. An obvious gray-market representation of Jim Carey’s Riddler from Batman Forever, Mr. ? is a good alternative to those impatiently waiting for Hot Toys to build up their ’90s-era Batman offerings. Mr. ? includes a derby and jacket, cane, bag, bat-bomb and three sets of interchangeable hands. The figure is priced at $120 and Xensation expects pre-orders to be filled in quarter four, 2014.

Also worth noting is the Double-Face figure pictured alongside Mr. ? in a pair of photos. Though we don’t see the figure’s face, it’s safe to assume the figure is Two-Face, based on Tommy Lee Jones’ portrayal of the bat-villain also in Batman Forever.

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