Writer Dan Abnett to Return to Guardians of the Galaxy

comic-book-newsDan Abnett is one of the two writers that put Guardians of the Galaxy back on the map for Marvel. In the wake of the Annihilation: Conquest mini-series, Abnett and Andy Lanning put together an unlikely group of heroes, and gave them the name Guardians of the Galaxy.

Those that are still unfamiliar with the Guardians probably don’t know the original team appeared in 1969. But that group was more a “Cosmic Avengers” type team, where the current incarnation is a rag-tag group of misfits. Abnett help put this group of misfits in the forefront of the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe. And with issue #14 of the current Guardians of the Galaxy series, and Abnett will be working on a two-part story that leads into this summer’s blockbuster film.

Head on over to CBR to read the interview with Dan Abnett, as he shares some details about his upcoming Guardians work, and how he helped contribute to the movie! Guardians of the Galaxy #14, a 100th issue celebration, will be on sale April 23rd at your local comic shops and digitally. (Source: CBR)

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