Will Channing Tatum Soon Be Preparing For The Role Of Gambit?

hollywood-movie-newsActor Channing Tatum has made no secret about his interest in getting on board with the Marvel movie express train in the past. In a interview with MTV, Tatum confirmed some exciting news. He has in fact met with X-Men producer, Lauren Shuler Donner (who has played a key role in casting just about everyone who has ever played a role in a X-Men film), to play the role of Gambit in the 2017 X-Men: Apocalypse blockbuster!

“I met with Lauren Shuler Donner. And I would love it. Gambit is really the only X-Man I’ve ever loved. I mean I’ve loved them all, they’re all great, but I guess from being down south – my dad’s from Louisiana, I’m from Mississippi, Alabama, Florida – I don’t know. I just related to him. He’s just kind of suave… He’s the most un X-Men X-Man that’s ever been in X-Men. Other than maybe Wolverine, who’s like the anti-hero. He’s a thief. He’s not even a hero. He’s kind of walking the line of grey…He loves women and drinking and smoking and stuff so he’s just a cool guy who happens to have a moral center….I hope it [comes together]. You never know it’s a weird industry. If the stars align, I would die to play it. I’m already working on the accent. It’s crappy at the moment.

While nothing official as of yet, but I for one think he would be a great fit. He has really stepped up his acting the past few years and the role of Gambit doesn’t exactly require Oscar nominee to pull off the role. What do you all think boys and girls? (Source: MTV)

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