Why I Won’t Be Buying A Next-Gen Console At Launch. Will You?

video-games-gaming-newsIt is almost here. The holiday season is just a few short months away, and with that we will have next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release dates announced sometime this month I imagine. GameStop has already sold out of their pre-orders for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders on eBay are selling auctions as high as $1,500 dollars. Developers have already revealed trailers for the launch line up…but does anyone care?

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Seems that there isn’t as much excitement this go round. I remember back when the PS2 hit, many rushed and waited several hours in line in hopes of getting their hands on the new Sony and Microsoft system simply for its DVD capability. Not to mention an awesome line-up of early launch titles such as Star Wars: Starfighter, Timesplitters, and Smugglers Run. In addition, mega franchise titles: Grand Theft Auto 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Devil May Cry, and Metal Gear 2 soon followed. Nintendo was making some serious noise with their line up of Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda, and Metroid as well.

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All these games, and many more not mentioned, were games that either launched with the consoles, or were being previewed with an incredible amount of positive excitement and instant pre-orders. Has this new generation on the horizon generated as much excitement? I am not so sure. Even this current console era had more excitement at launch with the Blu-ray and online multiplayer being introduced. Many gamers were already reading previews of Metal Gear 4, Super Mario Galaxy, and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare in their favorite game magazines a full year prior to the consoles release date. Sure, the Xbox One‘s launch game, Dead Rising 3 looks amazing, but is one or two games at launch enough to justify spending over $500 dollars to simply be one of the first gamers to play them?

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Also, there is this to consider. Remember that 20GB launch PlayStation 3 with the $600 price tag? Talk about dodging a bullet. Somewhere out there is a poor bastard who got sucked into the console launch hype and to this day has to erase his previous games saved data just to install a new one. Ask anyone who frequently uses their consoles online store for game downloads, demos, trailers, and movies, will be the first to tell you that a system with only 20GB would be a nightmare. In addition, do not be fooled by the Xbox One‘s 500GB either. The system will use every bit of that storage since it will be mandatory to use your disc to be installed on the hard drive, basically making you the proud owner of a worthless disc and a brand new digital copy sucking up your memory storage. Not to mention, just how many times did we turn on our system all ready to pop in our latest game to only find out we had to spend 2 hours doing a mandatory PSN update during the first year or so? Seemed to be every month almost. Oh and finally, remember the only way to use Netflix on consoles, was to order a Netflix disc and wait 6 weeks for it arrive? My point is, consoles are very different a couple of years into its life cycle than they are at launch.

Not to be a complete party-pooper…let me say I fully intend on buying both the Xbox One and the PS4. Just not at launch, why should I? This current generations fall line up is in word. “awesome”. From Diablo 3, Beyond Two Souls, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Grand Theft Auto 5, there will be plenty of hours spent into the night playing Triple A games. Not only that, but most of the next generation games (Assassins Creed: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs) will also be multi-platform on our current systems. Granted, the next generation does have some amazing new features such as instant cloud streaming, “download and you play” installs, instant sharing for social networking, DVR capability, as well as some nice eye candy titles…

17 Xbox One Titles:

Most Anticipated PS4 Titles:

So there you have it. I guess I will just have to patiently wait to be “wowed,” and convinced on WHY we should buy a system at launch. With the holiday season just around the corner, let’s hope Microsoft and Sony don’t waste much more time. With the Nintendo Wii U already hitting a retail slump, a successful launch for either companies is nowhere near written in stone as past generations.

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