Whoops! Some Images of A Few Mattel 2013 DC Unlimited Figures, MOTUC Figures and Castle Grayskull Leaked

toy-news-and-talkNot sure who discovered this leak, but it has broken wide open. Apparently someone at Mattel uploaded pictures a little premature. And because of the web server permissions needed for WordPress uploads, the directory for the month of March is completely visible with them. So whether the images that have been uploaded for posting, either scheduled ones or future posts, are available. The images in the folder are of upcoming 2013 DC Universe figures and Masters of the Universe Classics, including Castle Grayskull! Most of them are kind of small and low-res, but you certainly get a good idea of what to expect. I’ve mirrored the images below to check out. I’m sure hi-res images will be surfacing very soon now, or during Toy Fair this weekend.

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