Whoops! Navy SEALs Who Consulted On ‘Medal of Honor Warfighter’ Face Disciplinary Action

video-games-gaming-newsCBS News is reporting this morning that the Navy SEALs that consulted on the Medal of Honor Warfighter video game are now facing disciplinary action for doing so. One of the SEALs are part of SEAL Team Six, whom was part of the take down of the infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden. Needless to say, he was privy to highly sensitive material. Other members of Team Six have moved on to other parts of the military, but are under investigation. All of those involved will have half their pay docked for two months, and received letters of reprimand which could affect their advancement in their military careers.

As much as I appreciate EA Games going the extra mile in consulting real life operators for making a more realistic game, I have to say I’m disappointed that these SEALs are now in this predicament. At the same time, I would have hoped they would have cleared this with their superiors before even speaking a word, to insure that something like this didn’t happen. (Source: GameInformer)

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