Warpo Toys Unveils Next Stretch Goal Figures, H.P. Lovecraft Himself and a 12″ Cthulhu

toy-news-and-talkThe Warpo Toys Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter has already surpassed its initial $60,000 funding needed for the project to go ahead. It now sits just over $105,000 with some stretch goals unlocked, the Conjured Cthulhu and The High Priest. Now Warpo Toys has released some images showing what will be unlocked if we reach the $140,000 and $200,000 stretch goal marks.

At $140,000, backers will unlock the H.P. Lovecraft figure and receive this figure for free. If we reach $200,000, then we unlock the 12″ Cthulhu figure! This one will not be a free add-on like the other stretch goals, but will be a set price (which has not been announced yet). Only those at the “CULTIST LEVEL” or higher are eligible for the free add-on figures and eligible to buy the 12″ Cthulhu if unlocked.

We still have two weeks to go for the Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter, so there is a chance we will be able to unlock these figures. I would think the H.P. Lovecraft figure is a definite, the 12″ Cthulhu will be close, but if we continue to spread the work, you just never know.

warpo-toys-legends-of-cthulhu-the-writer warpo-toys-legends-of-cthulhu-12-inch-cthulhu-figure-drawing warpo-toys-legends-of-cthulhu-12-inch-cthulhu-figure-turn-around

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