Wang Xuequi Cast As (New) Dr. Wu in ‘Iron Man 3′

hollywood-movie-newsA little over three months ago, it was being reported that Wang Xuequi, would play Dr. Wu. There was only mention of talks, and nothing confirmed. But now we learn that Xuegui is a replacement for Andy Lau who was to play the role of Chen Lu, the civilian name behind Iron Man villain, Radioactive Man. And now according to Deadline, Wang Xuequi will now be playing the role of “Dr. Wu” in Iron Man 3. So, Lu, Wu, whatever they are calling the character now, hopefully we are still looking at the possibility of Radioactive Man being in next movie. Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on May 3rd, 2013. (Source: Deadline via MarvelousNews)

And for those looking for a little more Iron Man 3 info, here is a new International-Japanese trailer, which has just a little more footage in it. Enjoy.

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