Vin Diesel Trades ‘Fast & Furious’ Cameo For ‘Riddick’ Rights

hollywood-movie-newsI’m probably in the minority here, but I enjoy Vin Diesel movies. I liked Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Man Apart, Knockaround Guys, and the Fast & Furious franchise. Sure he won’t be winning any major awards any time soon, but I find his movies entertaining. And that is what matters to me.

After I read this article over at The Hollywood Reporter, I have even more respect for the guy. See, back in 2006, when Universal Studios asked Vin Diesel to make a cameo in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (he had starred in the 2001 Fast and the Furious, but walked away from the next two sequels), as the studio wanted to use his brief return in Tokyo Drift to signal he would be back front and center in the fourth sequel. Diesel agreed to do it, but instead of an acting fee, he wanted the studio to give him, and his One Race production company, the rights to the Riddick character.

Now this bartering deal is what has allowed the new Riddick movie to become a reality. After the poor performance of 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick, any plans of a sequel were squashed. So this deal along with Vin Diesel‘s passion for the character are the reasons for the sequel, which is opening this Friday, September 6th. That to me, is too cool. I tip my hat to you Mr. Diesel. (Source: THR)

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