Video Clips for January 26th, 2013 Episode of ‘Young Justice: Invasion’

television-news-and-talkHere are a couple of video clips for this Saturday’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion. The episode is titled “The Fix” and continues the ongoing story line of this season with Young Justice (and the Justice League) going up against the Reach. Introduced in last week’s episode, and looking to return again this week is Deathstroke! So look for more exciting action in the next episode of Young Justice: Invasion. While you wait for the weekend to get here, check out the video clips below. And be sure to tune in Saturday morning at 10am EST during DC Nation on Cartoon Network! (Via Comicvine)

Not knowing that Aqualad was working undercover, pretending to have gone over to his father’s side, Black Manta, Miss Martian fried his brain during a confrontation. In her defense, she believed him to be evil and responsible for killing Artemis. Now Black Manta is seeking vengeance against Miss Martian.

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