Uranos (Not Superion) Complete Set Pre-Order Available Now

toy-news-and-talkFor 3rd party Transformers fans, the wait is almost over to own Uranos (Not Superion) complete in all his glory. Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has for the first time, a complete set pre-order with an expected due date of October, for $499. Pretty penny I know, but compared to the eBay prices, I would call it a steal at a good $100 savings. I imagine these won’t be in-stock for long, so I would suggest pre-ordering it now while you figure out a good plan to hide the set from your spouse. The set includes:

  • 1x AV-88 Harrier II
  • 1x F-15 Eagle
  • 1x F-16 Falcon
  • 1x F-4 Phantom
  • 1x SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantomray

You can process your pre-order HERE at BigBadToyStore.


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