Upcoming Power Lords Pre-Order Figures Revealed

As announced last week, the next round of Power Lords to go up for pre-order have been unveiled today. The Four Horsemen posted images of Neutron Blast Lord Power (with Neutron Blast Power Soldier head), and Dark Nebula Power Soldier (with Dark Nebula Adam Power head). Both figures are repaints of the previously released figures, but I have to say I’m a sucker for green and black and translucent colors too.

The figures are finished and already in the studio warehouse. Which means they will be shipping sooner than later. They will be ready for pre-order soon in the Store Horsemen. There still is no pricing or live pre-order date yet, but when it is announced, these will be available for Power Lords Club Members for the first 48 hours, then any remaining stock will be open to the public.

four-horsemen-dark-nebula-power-soldier four-horsemen-neutron-blast-lord-power

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