Upcoming ‘Arrow’ Episode to Feature Batman Villain, Firefly?

television-news-and-talkOver at Zap2It, they have posted episode descriptions for upcoming episodes of CW’s line-up of TV shows. One of the shows mentioned is the new ‘Arrow‘ series. What is of particular interest of this description is, episode 10 looks to introduce a firefighter that is horribly burned many years ago, and named Garfield. Now odds are that this is actually Garfield Lynns, aka Batman villian, Firefly. Now this is just assumption at this point, but chances are really good that it is indeed Firefly. Hopefully CW will release some images or more information soon enough to confirm it. (Source: Zap2It)

“Arrow”: In episode 110, Oliver will meet Garfield — a firefighter who was horribly burned three years ago, and never recovered from the trauma. Since then, he’s been abandoned by his wife and kids, and he’s now described as a “bitter, vengeful shell of a man.” Meanwhile, the Starling City Fire Chief is also haunted by Garfield’s injury… since he’s the one who was forced to leave Garfield behind to burn.

dc-comics-firefly-01 dc-comics-firefly-02

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