Unreleased Modern Jurassic Park Figure Prototype on eBay

toy-news-and-talkTalked about back in December on the Joe Declassified Podcast, they talked about the unreleased modern Jurassic Park line. One of the figures shown was a new one that many hadn’t seen. Utilizing the 25th Anniversary Gung-Ho lower body and some upper body tooling from the Walmart Rise of Cobra 2-Pack Monkeywrench figure along with the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club’s Adventure Team head sculpt. Now that figure with a different head — kind of looks like the 25th Anniversary Clutch head — is up on eBay through one of the well-known “China Direct” ebay sellers chinafigures. Though the pricing is getting up there (currently at $260), you can still check out the auction. It is listed as a G.I. Joe figure, but all information so far says cancelled Jurassic Park. It is always interesting to see these unreleased figures of what could have been. I know many still want to get their hands on some, including the ones utilizing the Resolute Trooper body.


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