Uh, Oh, G.I. Joe 3 Loses Director Jon M Chu?!

hollywood-movie-newsLast week on Thursday it was revealed that director Jon M. Chu was going to be working on a Jem and The Holograms movie. Then it was discovered that part of the reason for this was that G.I. Joe 3 was getting a script re-write and causing a delay.

And today, it has been discovered that Jon Chu will no longer be directing G.I. Joe 3. Which we should have seen coming after the Jem and The Holograms announcement. According to Dwayne Johnson who played Roadblock in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the search is on for a new director and that they are looking at a January 2015 start date for production.

Question: Have you guys talked about when another G.I. Joe might happen, because I know Jon Chu’s doing some other things now.
Johnson: Yeah, yeah. Well, the idea is that we would start shooting G.I. Joe in January, in the first quarter of next year. That’s the idea. Look, I love Jon, and I think he did a great job. I get it. He had to go on and do something else. By the way, maybe…
He could still be done by then.
Johnson: Could be, right?
So do you guys have a Joe 3 director yet? Are you still looking?
Johnson: We’re still looking, yeah.

I don’t expect Johnson to say bad things about any of this, but this certainly doesn’t sound good. Hopefully they can find a new director soon and get those re-writes done to get the film into production next year. (Source: Collider)

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  • SS210

    If someone would of tried to make a $$ bet with me when G.I. Joe Retaliation was released that Chu would leave the directors chair to G.I. Joe 3 for a Jem and the Holograms movie I would of almost died laughing as I walked away shaking my head. Shows what I know