Two More Marvel Minimates TRU Series 16 Unveiled, Phoenix Five Emma Frost and Sauron (Reaper)

toy-news-and-talkDiamond Select Toys recently posted images of two more of their upcoming Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Exclusive Series 16 figures. The latest two figures to join Marvel NOW Iron Man and Indestructible Hulk are, Phoenix Force Five Emma Frost and Reaper (aka Sauron). The Reaper figure has been changed from Sauron to encourage fans to buy multiples, just like the Reapers that are featured in the Savage Wolverine comic book. Should also note, that the Reaper will also be part of Series 51 for specialty stores and comics shops. Emma Frost will be packaged with Phoenix 5 Colossus and Reaper/Sauron will be with Savage Wolverine. They are tentatively set to come out next month. Meanwhile, check out the new images of Emma Frost and Reaper, along with the previously released Iron Man and Indestructible Hulk. (Source: Facebook)

dst-marvel-minimates-tru-exclusive-series-16-phoenix-5-emma-frost dst-marvel-minimates-tru-exclusive-series-16-phoenix-5-emma-frost-control-art dst-marvel-minimates-tru-exclusive-series-16-sauron dst-marvel-minimates-tru-exclusive-series-16-sauron-control-art dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-16-marvel-now-iron-man dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-16-marvel-now-indestructible-hulk

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