TruForce Collectibles Announces 2016 SDCC Exclusive Designer Series X-Boost!


TruForce Collectibles today announced their first San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive. Featured is a repaint of their Mega Man X figure as X-Boost. This is the form of Mega Man X’s armor that has no limit and his true abilities are unleashed–with the a boost energy that gives him a significant increase in power to his Mega Buster and thrusters. There is a drawback to this power boost however, as it can only be maintained for 10 seconds due to the strain on him.

The SDCC Exclusive X-Boost figure stands around 6 inches tall and has diecast armor pieces. It features a LED in the Mega Buster and pink blast effect parts. There is also a stand included. The TruForce Collectibles SDCC Exclusive Designer Series X-Boost is priced at $90 and will be available at their booth, #401. Those that backed the original Mega Man X Kickstarter will be given the opportunity to purchase this figure online–like they did with X-Kai, look for an email with instructions–at a time yet to be announced.

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