Transforming Expectations, A Third-Party Transformers Sequel Book From Philip Reed

toy-news-and-talkPhilip Reed, the author of the Transformers third-party book, Transforming Collections, is back with a sequel book. His latest book, titled Transforming Expectations, is now up on Kickstarter looking to raise the money for production. With a bit higher funding this time, Transforming Expectations is looking to raise $7500. A reasonable goal after Reed learned from the first go-around what exactly it will take to create a book like this. Transforming Expectations will lead you deeper into the world of third-party Transformers toys and accessories. If you missed out on the first book, you are in luck, with a pledge of $60 (or more) you can get yourself a copy of both books. So head on over to the Kickstarter Page and check out all the details and make a pledge today! (Source: Kickstarter)

transforming-expectations-sample-page-01 transforming-expectations-sample-page-02 transforming-expectations-sample-page-03

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