Transforming Collections Reference Book Update

toy-news-and-talkPhilip Reed posted an update today for his Kickstarter project, Transforming Collections reference book. He has once again expanded the book to 80 pages and will include even more third-party Transformers. It was suggested that he take donations for the increased size, so if you are interested in contributing, then visit his site to donate. He also posted a few updated sample pages to check out (mirrored below) You can also still pre-order the book for $24.95 (plus shipping). He is considering printing a few beyond the initial Kickstarter/pre-order numbers, but the price will probably increase. So take a moment to drop by his site and check things out, especially if you are interested in third-party Transformers toys. (Source: Battlegrip)

transforming-collections-sample-page-01 transforming-collections-sample-page-02 transforming-collections-sample-page-03

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