‘Transforming Collections’ Pre-Orders Now Available

toy-news-and-talkFellow toy enthusiast Philip Reed wants to let everyone know that his book Transforming Collections is now up for pre-order. Some of you might say, wait, I thought he did a Kickstarter project fundraiser for the book? And I would say, you are correct, but this is for those that didn’t fund the project or missed out on it, but still might want a copy of the book. Regardless, if you missed the fundraiser, or was holding off for one reason or another, here is another opportunity to get the book. Transforming Collections, which covers many of the third-party Transformers toys and accessories (Note: not all of them, but many of them), is full-color 48-pages and wrapped in a hard-cover. It will cost $24.95 plus shipping and will ship after those that helped fund the Kickstarter project. So sometime in early 2013. These pre-orders will not come with any of the bonus items that the Kickstarter backers will be getting. You can read some more details over at Philip’s site, Battlegrip. You can check out a couple of sample pages that he posted too, they are mirrored below. Should not that these are not final, and could change before being printed. (Source: Battlegrip)

tansforming-collections-sample-page-01 tansforming-collections-sample-page-02

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