‘Transforming Collections’ 3rd Party Transformers Toy Reference Book

toy-news-and-talkYou may or may not have heard the name Philip Reed before, he runs a toy fan site called BattleGrip.com. But now you may know him for something new, he has taken upon himself the ambitious project of creating a book called ‘Transforming Collections’ Toy Reference Book. This project will cover third-party (a dirty word to some) Transformers.

He has created a Kickstarter fundraiser for the book and it has already reached its $999 goal and the first two stretch goals, but there are many more stretch goals, that if reached, will make the book even bigger and better. If you are a fan/collector of third-party Transformers, this book is definitely for you. Head on over to the ‘Transforming Collections’ Toy Reference Book page at Kickstarter.com and pledge!

Transforming Collections includes:
Introduction. An overview of the book.
Companies. A short review of each of the third party manufacturers featured in the book.
Toy Photos! As many as I can pack inside, including full-page shots. There will be a mix of the best pictures I have taken so far and an assortment of new pics . . . including photos of toys I have not yet reviewed online! (See sample photos in my “Third Party Toys and Accessories” set at Flickr.)

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