Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen Figure Revealed

toy-news-and-talkA curse to toy manufacturers, Chinese auction site TaoBao has an auction listed for upcoming Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Smokescreen and Bulkhead deluxe class figures. This is our first look at the Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure. I thought we’ve seen Bulkhead before, but if not, then this our reveal for that figure too. These should be arriving in stores within the next month or two at the most. Just in time for the premiere of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters on The Hub. (Source: TaoBao via FMH)

tf-prime-beast-hunters-deluxe-smokescreen-figure-01 tf-prime-beast-hunters-deluxe-smokescreen-figure-02 tf-prime-beast-hunters-deluxe-bulkhead-figure-01 tf-prime-beast-hunters-deluxe-bulkhead-figure-02

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