Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm Found In TRU Computer System Points to U.S. Release!

toy-news-and-talkOver at TFW2005, forum member Icespark discovered a listing for another Toys R Us exclusive Transformers Masterpiece figure. Found in the TRU inventory system is “TRA SUNSTORM MASTERPIECE” which pretty much points to Sunstorm, another of the Rainmaker Decepticons. The TRU code number for the figure is #311207 and is priced the same as Acid Storm at $74.99. The

Now the price could change once it arrives at retail. There is no release date or any other information available at this time. It is also unknown if it will look different from the Takara Masterpiece Sunstorm release which you can see in the images below. (Source: TFW2005)

takara-transformers-masterpiece-sunstorm-alt-mode takara-transformers-masterpiece-sunstorm-robot-mode-01 takara-transformers-masterpiece-sunstorm-robot-mode-02

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