Transformers Masterpiece Prowl and Grimlock Confirmed As Toys R Us Exclusives

toy-news-and-talkNews for the latest Hasbro re-issues of Transformers Masterpiece figures has arrived today. Part of their 30th Anniversary celebration for the Transformers brand, Hasbro will be releasing Masterpiece Prowl and Grimlock in North American and Asia.

Both figures will also be Toys R Us Exclusive. Fans can look for Masterpiece Grimlock in stores soon, with Prowl to follow in August. Hopefully both see better availability than last year’s Masterpiece Soundwave release which was horribly distributed to Toys R Us stores and impossible to find by many. (Source: Facebook)

hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-prowl-packaging hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-prowl-robot-mode hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-prowl-alt-mode hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-grimlock-packaging hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-grimlock-alt-mode hasbro-transformers-masterpiece-30th-anniversary-grimlock-robot-mode

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  • Nick

    I want the both of these. Grimlock looks amazing, even if his feet are backwards. Gonna have to stalk Toysrus every morning like I did when I got Soundwave.

    • Hehe, I didn’t even notice that about Grimlock. Guess I wasn’t looking close enough. Oops, Hasbro!

      I hope we are able to find these as easy as Acidstorm, I never once saw Soundwave at the 3-4 TRU stores by me.