Transformers Masterpiece MP-23 Revealed, Wheeljack Repaint Named “Exhaust”

toy-news-and-talkWe have known for a while that MP-22 is Ultra Magnus, and more recently learned that MP-24 is Star Saber, but, MP-23 was unknown. Until now, thanks to Tag Hobby we now know what the Transformers Masterpiece MP-23 will be. It is a repaint of the soon to be released MP-20 Wheeljack. It is being called Exhaust and features a new head sculpt and what appears to be two new shoulder mounted rocket launchers.

The deco is based on a Diaclone figure, the precursor to many G1 Transformers, of which this particular one would one day used as Wheeljack. The deco has been nicknamed by many fans as “Marlboro Wheeljack.” Given the Masterpiece name of Exhaust, it is a funny play on words. (Source: Tag Hobby, via Seibertron)


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