Transformers Hero Mashers Give First Look at Age of Extinction Grimlock?

toy-news-and-talkThis is interesting, over at Seibertron, member gavinfuzzy came across a listing for new Transformers toys on Brazilian site HobbyBrinquedos. The toys are called Hero Mashers, which are figures that feature removable parts, that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of combinations. There are already Marvel figures at retail using this same concept. The interesting part of this is the upcoming Age of Extinction Grimlock!

The color scheme for the Grimlock (if that is indeed who it is) does not match what we have previously seen in the promo art, but this could just be a Hasbro decision to have it more in line with what fans are familiar with. Also show with the Hero Mashers are what is believed to be Bulkhead (or Hound), Optimus Prime (G1), Starscream (G1), Bumblebee and Bludgeon. So what do you think of the Grimlock? Aside from the overly stylized head, the rest looks good so far. (Source: HobbyBrinquedos, via Seibertron)

transformers-hero-masher-tf4-grimlock-dinobot transformers-hero-masher-hound-bulkhead-and-optimus-prime transformers-hero-masher-starscream-bumblebee-and-bludgeon

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