Transformers Generations Beast Wars Megatron Prototype Surfaces!

toy-news-and-talkOver at ACToys, member 认证用户, posted some images of what looks to be a Voyager Class Generations Beast Wars Megatron! Looks to be utilizing most of the current Fall of Cybertron Grimlock figure with a new headsculpt, this Beast Wars Megatron figure is something that has yet to be announced by Hasbro. Possibly a “thrilling thirty” figure? Probably going to have to wait until BotCon in June to find out more about this one. Enjoy the images mirrored below. (Source: ACToys)

transformers-generations-beast-wars-megatron-02 transformers-generations-beast-wars-megatron-01 transformers-generations-beast-wars-megatron-03 transformers-generations-beast-wars-megatron-04

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