Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Jetfire — The Jetfire You Have Been Asking For!

toy-news-and-talkNext weekend we should be seeing a lot more of the Transformers 30th Anniversary offerings from Hasbro’s Toy Fair Press Event. But thanks to an eBay listing (that has since ended), we have a look at what is most likely the 30th Anniversary Leader Class Jetfire (aka Skyfire) figure! The listing had the figure at $5000, but the seller says it was for “Not for sale. Just for show“.

This is certainly a great looking Jetfire figure too. Definitely not a Robotech repaint here. Looks better than the previously released Transformers Universe Jetfire too. Very much looking forward to getting this one. So what do you think of it? (Via Seibertron)

transformers-generations-30th-anniversary-jetfire-alt-mode transformers-generations-30th-anniversary-jetfire-robot-mode transformers-generations-30th-anniversary-jetfire

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