Toyfinity Robo Force July 18th Sale Images and Info

toy-news-and-talkThe full reveal of what will be going on sale tonight for Robo Force from Toyfinity has been posted. There are some great new colorways being offered too. Along with new colors, are new characters being offered too.

ROBO FORCE’S BATTLESTAR the Guardian – $16.50
New Character! He guards Nazgar and Hun-Dred from the Robo Force! What are his secrets?
Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force kit, with which you can also build the existing Robo Force characters. Includes an all-new chest tampo!
Limit five per customer.

MAXX ZERO in GLYAXIA Disguise – $20
Maxx has to infiltrate Glyaxia to rescue ZEM!
Premium fifty-three piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force kit!
Includes one full Robo Force kit in yellow, with an extra set of blue arm parts to upgrade your Maxx Zero, as well as to build the terrifying Protector-Class Glyaxia Drones and Elite Drones!
Limit five per order.

New Character! Incredible warrior with triple-power!
Following up on the previous Deluxe kit, Wrecker, this is – Vanguard! Vanguard includes a premium-level fifty-three piece allotment of parts (allowing for a range of customization to his look based on your preferences), and more than twenty brand-new paint applications! In-story, he can combine with Maxx Zero to form Dreadnought Maxx Zero for even more power!
Limit three per order.

Love the look of the colorways here, especially that orange on Vanguard. There will also be new Mordles on sale too. You can purchase these tonight at 9pm EST from the Toyfinity store. (Source: Toyfinity)

toyfinity-battlestar-july-sale-promo toyfinity-glyaxia-maxx-july-sale-promo toyfinity-vanguard-july-sale-promo robo-force-vanguard-escape-from-block-base

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