Toy Review: Mattel Masters of the Universe Minis Man-At-Arms and Faker He-Man

Mattel Masters of the Universe Minis Man-At-Arms and Faker He-Man

Big things do come in small packages. Now that San Diego Comic-Con is behind us, many Masters of the Universe fans are bemoaning not having purchased the first three Masters of the Universe Minis sets. The fourth set in this work desk-friendly collection is Man-At-Arms and Faker. Both figures are armed to the teeth, ready for extremely cute battle.

The sculpts are top notch. Man-At-Arms has almost the level of detail as his Classics figure, and that’s saying something. The only difference is they made the back armor more like the vintage toy, incapable of holding the extra weaponry not included anyway. Man-At-Arms has the same expressive face as his allies, complete with crinkled mustache. The evil He-Man impostor Faker is what you would expect, but given the line proper started at a new scale, his torso a new sculpt. One fantastic detail worth mentioning is Faker’s sheath. It has a slit for stashing his power sword, along with a wider hole in the center to perfectly stow his axe. While both cannot be placed on his back together, I am pleasantly surprised the option was given.

The paint on both figures is solid. No runny line work or overwhelming oversprays to dull the bright colors. It’s quite a brightly-decorated set. The purple, gray, red, and gold counterbalance all the blue and orange of these two warriors nicely.  After all the mass-production paint issues plaguing other similar lines at retail, it’s refreshing to see real quality deco being given to figures at this scale. Mattel is starting a trend others would do well to follow.

The articulation doesn’t tread any new ground. Their lower legs are one solid base. Articulation is at the waist, shoulders, and neck. The figures stand well, and the weapons can be positioned to keep the top-heavy characters from tipping over. Each figure returns to having two weapons apiece, unlike the last set of Stratos vs Scareglow, and it’s a welcome return. Faker has the power sword and introduces He-man’s signature axe in Faker’s bright-orange hue. To defend the kingdom, Man-At-Arms includes his now-famous arm cannon and vintage mace. Interestingly, Duncan’s mace comes in a gold color, and not orange, which historically matched his battle armor. Perhaps there was too much orange in this one set, but it is a curious choice, nonetheless.

At $20 pre-taxes and shipping, this set is admittedly a tough sell. To the rescue, is offering the buyer the option of shipping the remaining three sets at the end of year, which I would recommend to anyone on the fence about purchasing the minis. Besides that, I highly recommend picking  up the minis to see 1.) what San Diego Comic-Con attendees realized and 2.) what we at has stated all along. They seem small, but they exude charm, don’t take up space, and is making it easy and convenient to collect them all.

The Masters of the Universe Minis Mini Man-At-Arms and Faker He-Man figures go on sale August 15 on

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