Toy Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Flutterina

Masters of the Universe Classics Flutterina

Flutterina daintily glides her way into the muscle-bound world of Masters of the Universe Classics in August, and she breaks away from the trappings of her 2014 predecessors. There appears to be no design alterations, limb-swapping, or badly-incorporated action features to negatively impact this fantastic rendering of Small One. She may appear to be a fragile ally of She-Ra, but this release gives her all the tools to stand proudly with her fellow rebels.

The figure’s likeness is fantastic. Flutterina has another brilliant marriage of toy aesthetics and cartoon colors and show-accurate face sculpt. Nothing was missing, from her unique boots and bracers to her curled out eye make-up. The questionable execution was Flutterina’s wings, but the sculptors correctly predicted they would soften for the final release. It would have been nice to see more organic-looking wings, but I am one of those people who don’t mind things apologetically vintage. They certainly appear to have the heft necessary to carry a human body. The only other thing I was concerned with was the long hair and how it would impact wing articulation. It was expertly handled, with long locks flanking the wings at both sides without really impacting movement. Outside of overall scale, I couldn’t have asked for a better design for her.

The paint applications were pretty solid. Orange, gold, and lavender dominated the costume, as it did in the series. The wings were appropriately multicolored, with a flat pink back to them. Some fans may have wanted the back changed to something more like the front, but I can see this providing natural camouflage when hiding in the Whispering Woods; a typical genetic advantage for some butterflies. The only minus, if you can call it one, is the pink sword, which has a color and style reserved for Angella. Nothing wrong with Flutterina having a real weapon, but I wish the hilt were orange or lavender to keep things cohesive.

Flutterina’s articulation has the same bright spots and warts as the recent Princesses of Power. She does have the beloved ankle rocker joint, but again, the top boot cut is missing. To compensate for this, Small One does have the Bubble Power She-Ra pelvis and accompanying upper leg swivel. Every female to date should have transitioned to Octavia’s pelvis, but Octavia strangely is the only one to use it (much to Glimmer’s chagrin). Her skirt does allow some leg movement, but curiously here is another skirt not getting the side slits for optimal riding poses like BP She-Ra. The “one-and-done” improvements are strange choices to me, but thankfully neither impact Flutterina greatly. Her wings are assembled as ball joints that pop into her back. They are sturdy and pose beautifully. Thankfully they did not try to alter her sculpting to mimic her action feature. Fans are one flight stand 2.0 away from posing greatness, and I would recommend the up-sell if you are buying her at You might as well buy extras with Sweet Bee, Mermista, and Angella coming soon as well.

Flutterina’s accessories leave the likes of Netossa in the dust. Predictably, she had the signature PoP shield, and her large multi-colored wings had to absorb most of the tooling budget. As stated before, her other accessory is a pink sword. I am all about giving rebels edged weapons wherever possible, but as stated above, I would have preferred the pink color being reserved for Angella. An orange or lavender hilt would have made it more “Flutterina’s,” not to mention everyone already associated it to Angella when it was originally teased in New York. If every PoP shield wielding rebel had this sword in their own color, it would be pretty amazing. That said, I am surprised they left out her tow-grapple. This was the string mechanism originally used for her action feature. The Four Horsemen have always been reliable in giving accessories as nods to ripcords, combs, and other accessories not considered weaponry. As a particularly useful device to include, this was a curious omission.

We finally hit our first unmarred 2014 MOTUC figure. This may sound paradoxical, but finally an unexpected bright spot in the collection, Flutterina’s color palette notwithstanding. She looks great, moves well, and diversifies the shelf in a great way. As an added bonus, her wings can conveniently block less attractive figures like Double Mischief, which, I assume, provides the exact inferiority complex needed to make Double Mischief join the Horde. The Masters of the Universe Classics Flutterina provides a strikingly feminine presence on the shelf, and fans of the brand know what we’re in for. My hope is that sub-holders who don’t care for graceful warriors in their Boys Club collection will give her a second look. A great figure is a great figure.

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