Toy Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar


Extendar, the heroic master of extension joins Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line this month.

Extendar gave Mattel quite a bit to prove this time. They had time to perfect the limb-telescoping formula with the likes of King Hssss, Mekanek, and Tallstar. While he does improve on his predecessors, one can’t help but wonder if better aesthetic choices could have been made in the final execution.

Overall, the figure is mighty impressive. Not being in the old cartoon series, the original toy was all the reference the design team at Four Horsemen Toy Design needed, and the reception is a warm one. All of the fantastic features of the old toy were maintained or improved upon for the new version. Extendar’s face is very geometric in appearance; perhaps a byproduct of the Horde experimentation performed on him. Even in the suit, he appears quite bulky yet in proportion. With the face guard, the body armor, and the plating on his limbs, Extendar is intimidating before using his powers. While we have seen knights in the past with the likes of Sir Laser Lot or Filmation’s the Red Knight, this heroic warrior is the genuine article. All this said, the unavoidable flaw in the sculpt is Mattel’s Design team adding the gold lap belt over the red studded belt he wears. It was explained that the extra space was necessary for the torso extension to work properly. While that does make sense, I don’t understand why they didn’t incorporate that required width into the red belt or the pelvis below like with King Hssss. The fact that they tacked on a gold spacer over a more subtle approach suggests a laziness not seen earlier in the collection. Perhaps the Horsemen need to be more involved in the translation of their prototypes.

The paint is fantastic. The pearl armor and the gold embellishment perfectly portray him as the heroic shining knight he is. Mattel deserves credit here for lightening the more silvery shade of the prototype. They also deserve kudos for changing the emerald gloves to gold for the final toy. It has become routine to spot inaccuracies, but it also important to note they followed through on fan feedback here, and it’s appreciated. What was painted was well-done, but a couple of missteps can be spotted. The lance isn’t the same shade of gold as the figure’s armor pieces. Also, budget cuts affected his shield’s paint. The edges are not in metallic paint as originally intended, following another unfortunate trend this year.

Extendar’s articulation would be the standard amount set for the line, but not for the extra limb attachments. He does have torso movement under the suit of armor, but it isn’t really necessary. Extendar has the appropriate broadness a man in armor should have, but not enough to encumber shoulder movement, which is a plus. The only issue to be found is with the softness of the plastic used. The ankles have to be able to support not only the weight, but also the extra pieces that are added to the figure, particularly in poses that throw off his center of gravity. I feel long-term posing and use will wear out the ankles.

The accessories are numerous and a nice compliment to last June’s figure: Octavia. Included are six extension pieces, his fold-out shield and a brand-new lance. The extension pieces were predictable and look more substantial than the vintage limbs. There is one for the neck (including the peace sign seen on the original figure), the torso, two for the arms, and two for the legs. Each one is labeled corresponding to their appropriate placement. Also improving on the vintage figure is the shield execution. The panels of the shield are separately molded pieces that fold out, unlike the deteriorating plastic hinge seen previously. The lance is a nice addition, but it misses the mark slightly. The gold on the lance does not match the gold of the figure. Secondly, the plastic is quite soft, and a blow dryer may be required to return the lance to its intended shape. While Buzz-Off used a stinger-style lance in the series and I would prefer to see him with a lance over Extendar, I can’t fault the knightly figure for not arming himself properly, especially when the weapon suits him more than the bee warrior.

Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar figure will be available on on Monday, June 16th for $27. He is a fantastic value for what we are given. Extendar is a 90 percent new tool, with 8 additional accessory pieces; unthinkable for the line, normally. With Extendar and Flutterina bookending the summer including the imperfectly-executed Hordak and Skeletor, hopefully the collectors can be reminded that this line has come a long way and have the capacity for fantastic action figures. With a new head of design, along with problems being directly addressed by brand manager Scott Neitlich, Masters of the Universe Classics has the earmarks to finish 2015 on a high note. Extendar may not be perfect, but knowing I have a fantastic figure that I never thought we’d see at the inception of the line reminds me that I will be subbing enthusiastically for 2015!

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