Toy Review: Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca 6-Inch Figure

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca

Hasbro’s Black Series 6-inch Chewbacca figure is so tall, Hasbro was forced to redesign the packaging of the Black Series line to accommodate the figure. While a bigger figure isn’t necessarily a better figure, in the case of Chewbacca we get a bigger figure that is definitely better than most of the Black Series figures released to date.

I have high expectations for Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series 6-inch line, especially since it’s been positioned as a premium line aimed at collectors. While I’m still in awe of seeing my favorite characters from the Star Wars saga in twelfth-scale, at times I find myself questioning some of Hasbro’s design or engineering choices. The lack of intrinsic plastic on human portraits, visible pin joints at articulation points and less than stellar paint applications are just some of the design decisions I take issue with. I admit my opinion may be a little more critical than that of the casual Star Wars collector, but as someone who has been collecting Star Wars figures since the early ’80s I expect a premium Star Wars line to take advantage of the latest advancements in toy design, if not pioneer new ones.

Hasbro’s Black Series Chewbacca is the first figure, in my opinion, to set Hasbro’s Black Series 6-inch line in the right direction. I was not only overjoyed that the figure did not include the unsightly visible pin joints I loath, but the articulation on the figure is well done considering the challenges that sculpted fur presents. If you own a 3-3/4-inch Chewbacca figure you’ll be familiar with the insert molded joints at the elbows and knees, and ball-hinged shoulders on the 6-inch figure. The 6-inch Chewbacca figure also adds swivel-hinged wrists, rocker ankles, swivel hips and two ball jointed points on the torso. The great thing is that none of the articulation points detract from the figure’s aesthetic, but you’ll need to be creative in maneuvering some of the articulation points to achieve certain poses, particularly sitting poses.

The paint applications on Chewbacca are pretty decent for a mass-produced figure at a $20 MSRP. I focused on evaluating the eyes, nose, teeth  and bandolier to see how Hasbro has addressed some of the criticism it’s received on paint applications and everything looks fairly precise. Even the bowcaster has some paint scoring detailed on it, which was nice to see since I was afraid we may have been trending toward having paint deco removed from accessories. Overall, the paint applications are a definite improvement to earlier figures in the Black Series line, so I’m hopeful Hasbro is now on the straight and narrow when it comes to paint apps.

So where does Hasbro’s Black Series Chewbacca fall “short?” When I removed the figure from the package, the first thing I realized, after the large size, is that Chewbacca is pretty lean on accessories. I think Chewy would have benefitted from switch-out hands and a non-growling, switch-out portrait would have been a nice addition. My assumption is that Hasbro saw Chewbacca’s size as the driver of its perceived value and that understandable, but some relaxed switch-out hands would have come in “handy” in a couple of display configurations I can think of.

While my opinion of the Star Wars Black Series 6-inch line is that its been a series of hit or miss figures, Hasbro has a huge hit in their Black Series Chewbacca figure. The figure is well designed, has solid paint applications and most importantly, looks great when paired up with Hasbro’s Black Series Han Solo figure.

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