Toy Review: Funko Pop Vinyl Maleficent Figures


With this weekend’s release of Disney’s Maleficent in theaters, there’s no better time to take a look at Funko’s new Pop Vinyl Maleficent figure (77) and her Disney Animated Classic Sleeping Beauty Pop Vinyl (9) counterpart from 2011.

Why so melancholy?

I’ll start by saying, I love Funko Pop Vinyls. I love the style and the huge range of characters available, and at a standard price of $9.99, they’re collectible while still being easy on the bank account. But they tend to leave me disappointed. The paint is always messy – sloppy lines and bleed over, smudges, random color splatters, globs of gloss – leaving the figures viewed better from afar, or even kept in their boxes. I don’t understand why. The designs are so clean and simple, so why aren’t the paint applications? Now that that’s out of the way…

I know you…

Maleficent (9) is grand and theatrical, just as she was in Sleeping Beauty. Her green skin is framed by a black and purple horned headpiece. Her wide, iconic gesture displays her extravagant black and purple dress, as she holds her staff aloft, and the only things missing are her evil grin (she has no mouth) and her raven Diablo. The figure is matte with a slight sheen on her eyes and dress.

I’m not afraid.

Maleficent (77) is as hauntingly beautiful as her Angelina Jolie-inspired character; monochromatic black and white from head to toe with the exception of her red lips. The trademark Pop Vinyl head is smaller than usual to make room for her large horns. Her hands hold her staff in front of her body. Maleficent’s body is straight and slender, making her rather top-heavy and somewhat unstable when trying to stand on her own. Her white skin is matte, and her black headpiece, eyes, and dress are glossy.

Cast my spell!

Each version of Maleficent is lovely and wicked in its own right. Where Maleficent (9) is matte, Maleficent (77) is glossy. The classic figure’s pose is in action, while the new figure’s pose is refined and thoughtful. The best feature of both is probably the horns – short and stubby for the animated version and tall and twisted for the live action version. Which Maleficent is my favorite? I’ve yet to decide. Maybe I need to sleep on it.

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