Toy Fair 2016 – Soap Studio

Hong Kong’s Soap Studio was demonstrating two of their twelfth scale masterworks from DC’s superhero license at Toy Fair. The newest of Soap Studio’s offerings, the Remote Controlled Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is controlled by you mobile device or tablet. The Batmobile features working lights, an opening cockpit, rotating turret guns, working onboard camera that can be viewed on your device and, of course, steering and driving controls. The set includes two highly articulated 6-inch scale figures–Superman and Batman–with accessories and the ability to sit behind the wheel. While the piece is awesome, the price may also leave you in awe at $900.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler

We asked the team to demonstrate Soap Studio’s Remote Controlled The Dark Night Trilogy Tumbler, which is now out and available for purchase. The Tumbler is controled by mobile device and has working lights, opening cockpit and steering and driving controls. The included Dark Knight Batman figure features 36 points of articulation and is included with the set, which comes with the large stage display, as well. Waiving the included Batarang, which is housed in the display, takes the Batmobile out of “sleep mode” allowing you to interact with the piece without having to turn it on and off. Soap’s Tumbler Deluxe Set is priced $900.

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