Toy Fair 2016: Funko

If you’re a pop culture property of license, chances are you have a Funko product. From their staple Pop! vinyl figures to Dorbz, Wacky Wobblers, and Mystery Minis Funko has pop culture covered. This year, Funko unveiled a new line of figures based on pop culture icons, but styled after Playmobile figures. In addition, Barbie joins the Funko brand with a new line of figures titled Rock Candy, which will also include an all-star cast of female superheroes.

On the action figure front, the vintage-style ReAction line continues with new Game of Thrones figures that will be a bit more detailed added to them than previous ReAction figures. They’ll still have the same look at articulation, they’ll just have better detailing and paint applications. Think of these as an evolution in sculpting similar to the one that happened in Kenner’s Star Wars line between 1978 and 1985. The Game of Thrones Reaction figures will be complimented by a Wall playset that doubles as a display.

Finally, the Funko Legacy 6-inch collection will be adding Five Nights at Freddy’s figures. The line will include six figures with accessories, but is still early in the development phase as the Funko Legacy Five Nights at Freddy’s figures on display at Toy Fair were prototypes.

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  • Dakemesh

    Did anyone ask Funko about the Firefly line? I was really hoping we’d see a second wave. We need the rest of the gang!

    • We didn’t, but I’ll follow up with their team today. I’m flipping through their 2016 catalog that shows everything new and Malcom, Kaylee, Hoban, Jayne and Zoe are listed, but no new figures. The only real new figures from the Legacy Collection were the Five Night at Freddy’s figures, so I’m guessing they’re pulling back on the volume of figures they produce in the line.

      • Dakemesh

        Oh that sucks. I know Five Nights is a popular video game, but that seems like a far deeper niche than finishing off the crew of the Serenity!

        • It looks like they’re reducing the Legacy and ReAction lines all together. I’m surprised the Five Nights figures were even on display, but they were very rough prototypes so it may have been as a barometer for buyers. Same with ReAction, only the GOT figures were new, but those looked further along and there’s a playset so those may be a go regardless.