Toy Fair 2015 – Mezco

Mezco New York Toy Fair 2015 -6
One of our stops at Toy Fair was the Mezco Toyz booth. Where we were met by Pierre, who gave us a presentation tour of their product on display. I want to first say, Mezco is a company that many should be keeping an eye on. They have some great product, but they have some even better stuff coming up this year. You will definitely not want to miss out it either.

With that said, back to our tour. At our first stop we got a look at One:12 Collective The Dark Knight Batman 6″ figure. This thing is awesome. We got to handle one that Mezco had on hand, and it was really impressive. This is going to be hit once it arrives. It was supposed to be released last month, but the problems caused by the port strike have it delayed. Once it is available, you will want to check it out.

Our next stop was with the Living Dead Dolls. We looked at the recently revealed Creature of the Black Lagoon Living Dead Doll. I have to say this looked just as impressive in person as it did in the official images. Can’t wait for it to be released. In addition to the Creature figure, also on hand were Living Dead Dolls that are currently available, like the Annabelle Doll, and upcoming ones like Series 29 and “Mother” from Psycho. Though not shown, fans can look for the recently announced Wizard of Oz Living Dead Dolls this year too.

Another familiar face that was shown by Mezco is Chucky. They will be re-releasing their 15″ talking Chucky doll with new sayings. Along with the re-release, look for a new “Good Guys” doll version of Chucky and stylized Chucky figures too. These will surely make fans of the horror movie series very happy.

Now the next part we took a look at was the new Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny. Let me first say I didn’t know I wanted a Bugs Bunny figure until now. Mezco’s prototype on display was magnificent. Details are still being worked out, but this figure will include multiple points of articulation, this is not a static figure. Along with Bugs, another great announcement was made by Mezco. They announced that they would be doing a figure based on the popular Gigantor, and this will not be just any figure, but one worthy of the name Gigantor. There was no prototype to show, but once it is ready, I’m sure it will be great.

For the ThunderCats fans, another of the Mega Deluxe figures is coming, this time Tygra. Mezco will also be releasing some Beetlejuice collectibles later this year too, a stylized figure, Mini Mez-Itz and plushies.

A line that many are already talking about is Mezco’s Mortal Kombat X figures. We were first introduced to these last October at the New York Comic Con. We got another look at those figures, along with Series 2 which includes: Kitana, Kotal Kahn and Quan Chi. Along with the 6″ figures, new Mortal Kombat X 4″ figures were on display. This is a glimmer of hope for those that collect 1/18th scale as these look just a great as their larger brethren, the 6″ figures.

Mezco has some great licenses, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are two of them. Though both shows have ended, they still have a strong following and Mezco is making great collectible figures based on both. There are still a few figures coming in both lines which you can keep an eye out for this year.

We lastly turned to the One:12 Collective Judge Dredd 6″ figure and it was great seeing our guide Pierre’s excitement over this figure as it matched that of mine. We even discussed pre-ordering the 3A Judge Death figure to go with this. This was just as impressive as the Batman. A sure sign that Mezco’s One:12 Collective is going to a line collectors will want to pay attention to. In addition to the regular black outfit version of Judge Dredd, there was a dark blue version shown too. Mezco is even working on Dredd’s motorcycle, the Lawmaster. Though nothing was confirmed, they are looking at adding electronics and really making it an impressive piece for displaying that Dredd with.

I want to thank Mezco and Pierre for giving us the low down on all that have coming this year, from what we say, they are going to have a fantastic year.

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