Toy Fair 2015 – Mattel Monster High

It’s that time of year when new ghouls join the student body of Monster High. For Toy Fair 2015, Mattel revealed five new monsterrific additions including three new basic dolls to the Boo York Boo York themed line with Luna Mothews, Mouscede King, Daughter of the Rat King, and Elle Eedee. A larger scale 17-inch doll will be used to represent the first giant in the line, Gooliope Jellington, the daughter of the blob, who kept growing and growing! Finally one of the coolest additions to the line is Astronova, who floats and spins in place with her included playset. The playsets lights up as she “levitates” through the help of a magnet. The Mattel team gave us a demo of the floating feature, which we captured on video.

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