Toy Fair 2015 – Mattel Master of the Universe Classics

Masters of the Universe Classics is getting closer giving collectors a full line of updated figures based on the classic ’80s line. Mattel showed us updated versions of prototypes we saw at San Diego Comic-Con as well as a few new reveals. On hand were Sssqueeze, Angella, Multi-Bot, Blast Attack, Hover Robots, Peekablue, Oo-Larr and Mara. Mattel also had two vintage-style Giants on display with Zodac and Man-At-Arms.

A 200X mini-sub comprised of six figures will go on sale starting February 23 and running for a month until March 23, on The sub will focus on characters from the 2002 Mike Young Productions animated series and Evil Seed, Calix and Ceratus will kick off the line with the exclusive item for subscription members being a Heads of Eternia “head” pack containing five portraits (Buzz-Off, Roboto, Snout Spout, Clawful, Sy-Klone) that can be swapped out with their existing figure to create 200X inspired versions.

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