Toy Fair 2015 – Mattel DC Comics

Our first stop on Sunday at Toy Fair this year was the Mattel press event. Where they showed off some of their popular adult collector brands — of which their DC Comics Multiverse 4″ figures and Batman Classic TV Series (aka Batman ’66) 6″ figures were on display. A lot of what was shown was either currently on the shelf, or known it would soon be. But still worth a second look.

The DC Comics Multiverse will be expanding in 2015, but the majority (all?) of it so far looks to Batman based. The characters shown were a nice selection of video game, comic book and cartoon based. Included were Batman Beyond, “Knightquest” Batman, Black Mask w/alternate head, Penguin and others. Also shown was third of the Multiverse 2-packs, with Arkham City Nightwing and Killer Croc. With the other 2-packs currently at retail this was the only refreshing thing to see.

From the Batman Classic TV 6″ line only a couple of things were somewhat new. The previously revealed Batgirl figure will finally be seeing the light of day, but it looked like it could be sold in a 3-pack with Batman and Robin. We are going to be confirming this with Mattel and will be sure to update when we have the answer. Along with the Batgirl shown at SDCC was the Bat-computer, which will also finally be released this year. Fans that missed out on the first release of the Batman ’66 Batmobile can rejoice as Mattel will be re-releasing it, but with Batman and Robin included too.

Check out image gallery of Mattel’s Toy Fair displays of DC Comics Multiverse 4″ line and Batman Classic TV Series 6″ line in the gallery below.

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