Toy Fair 2015 – Hasbro Star Wars

December’s release of The Force Awakens has caused a rift in the force and Hasbro isn’t allowed to reveal any product for the upcoming Star Wars sequel. As a result, Hasbro’s Star Wars display at Toy Fair was a little lighter than we’re used to, but the pieces on display had nicely evolved from the early prototypes we saw at New York Comic Con in October. The latest wave of six inch Black Series figures are taking shape nicely with the soft goods on the Emperor and Princess Leia in Boushh disguise looking good. We were impressed with the Tauntaun with Han Hoth and Wampa with Luke Hoth and are happy to see the paint applications we were concerned about when Hasbro released PR images in are a non-issue. We’re also admittedly impressed with how nicely the five point-of-articulation Rebels series figures display, especially as a group. Hasbro’s setup of their Rebels figures and vehicles harkened back to the setups typical of Kenner’s Toy Fair displays in the ’80s.

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