Toy Fair 2015 – Funko

If our addiction to Funko’s Pop!, Vinyls, ReAction retro figures and Legacy Collection figures wasn’t enough, we’re developing a sweet tooth for Funko’s new line of Vinyl Sugar collectibles, particularly their Vinyl Idolz. Revealed at Toy Fair 2015, we’d describe Funko’s new line of signature vinyl dolls as a cross between your favorite pop culture icons (and even some you may have forgotten about) with a twist of Wallace and Gromit. But wait there’s more as Funko is reviving the grotesque, yet humorous characters from Topps’ Garbage Pail Kid trading cards in vinyl form. Do you remember the disgusting kid that matched your name? Here’s hoping we’ll see an Itchie Richie.

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  • I pretty much need all of this. I’ll just write over my paychecks to funko from now on. man, dem ponies.