Toy Fair 2015 – Four Horsemen Studios Photo Gallery

Four Horsemen Toy Design New York Toy Fair 2015 -28

For the first time, Four Horsemen Studios exhibited at Toy Fair and their Gothitropolis: Ravens and Mythic Legions lines took center stage. The Gothitropolis: Ravens look phenomenal and new prototypes with variants and alternate heads were shown including a toucan, pelican and eagle, among others. The Mythic Legions line, currently soliciting backers on Kickstarter, is a 6-inch fantasy line we haven’t seen the likes of since LJN’s Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line. Warriors can swap accessories and head for further customization and we’re hoping if the Kickstarter gets enough support the Horsemen can be convinced to create some large scale beasts or even a dragon for the legions to battle.

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