Toy Fair 2015 – DC Collectibles TV and Game Properties

Fans of DC Collectibles Arrow and The Flash line of figures will be excited to know that both will be seeing more additions this year. Some are even a little unexpected, like Diggle and Felicity from Arrow. (We should note here too, that Felicity will have her glasses, the prototype on display was shown without them because they were lost in shipping.) Joining the two DC TV fan favorite shows will the Gotham. DC Collectibles will be releasing a Det. Jim Gordon statue based on the likeness of actor Ben McKenzie.

This year will see the (supposedly) final game in the Arkham series and DC Collectibles will be releasing figures based on it. On display were Batman, Scarecrow, Arkham Knight and Harley Quinn. All were fantastic looking too.

For those that were a little disappointed in the previously released Batman: Arkham line of figures because a few figures were not released, will be pretty excited to see these next few figures. There will be a Arkham Batman 5-Pack that will include Batman figures from all four Arkham games, plus DCC’s first ever Bruce Wayne figure! Also shown is an Arkham Origins 3-Pack that will include Electrocutioner, Shiva and Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

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