Toy Fair 2015 – DC Collectibles Icons

The DC Collectibles Icons line was one of our favorites at Toy Fair. For fans disappointed at the abrupt conclusion of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line, you have something to look forward to with the Icons line. The figures stand in at the 6-inch scale, have great sculpts, are loaded with accessories and lend well to things like vehicles, which the DC team was excited about. Look for the first wave of figures in the DC Collectibles Icons line, with Batman, Green Arrow, Mister Miracle and Deadman, to hit in October followed by new figures every few months thereafter.

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  • chardsb

    why paint batman blue?

    • I think we’re going to see several versions and they’re starting with blue since it’s a comic-inspired line. I’m sure we’ll get a ton of variants down the road.